Every year thousands of cars sustain windshield damage from flying rocks that chip or crack the glass. When ignored, chips and cracks will spread into long cracks that are dangerous and unsightly, and that reduces the value of your vehicle. Windshield replacement cost is much greater than the cost to fix the windshield. Replacement can cost over $600 while a chip smaller than a toonie costs $79.99 to repair.


If you have your insurance company pay for the repair, in most cases, your deductible is waived and your premiums remain unaffected because it is a comprehensive claim. It is always better to repair than replace, benefiting you, your car, your insurance company and the environment.  If, in the event you do need a new windshield, Monroe Auto will get the job done with the best quality glass and over 20 years experience in repairs and replacements. Auto glass from Monroe Auto has many benefits including:


Recommendation of the Insurance Industry


Assistance with Your Deductible


Free Stone Chip Repairs Through Insurance


Trained and Experienced Technicians


Lifetime Warranty

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